Analysis of The Ingrate in Paul Laurence Dunbar Part III

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From the analysis conducted, it can be concluded that Dunbar had showed the real color of Southern people, especially Georgian, through the humor varieties found in August Baldwin Dunbar’s The Fight. The type of humor used in Dunbar’s The fight is Satire, parody, The wise crack and the Epigram 
The striking manner of Georgian people was the tradition of Fighting which was so immoral and barbaric. They fight because of simple case. Besides, Georgian has the crude dialect and ungrammatical language.
The romantic spirit on this literary work was primitive. The attitude and the moral values among Georgian, expressed in The Fight was closed to the alienating of forward changing in society. It means that Georgian people based on the Dunbar’s The Fight were still far in developing the civilization in their community when it was compared to other country. And this condition gave the effect to the Georgian manner which showed the low class in society.  


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(Summary of the literary Work)

This was story about two men named Billy Stalling and Bob Durham. Both of them were strong men, they handled different stage of battalions. People in the country often compared their physical strength. The good relationship between Bob and Billy was bothered by the appearing of Ransy Sniffle, a man with abnormal appearance who loves everything about fighting. Sniffle has set Bob against Billy. The fighting cannot be avoided after the quarrel of Nancy Stallion and Betsy Durham in Mr. Atwatar’s store. When Nancy and Betsy quarreled, then Billy came to nurture his wife from the abusing of Betsy and he replied Betsy with vulgar language. Billy’s word had hurt Betsy’s heart, and this moment was known by Sniffle. Sniffle reported what was going on to Bob and he was angry directly. The fighting between Bob and Billy has attracted many people around the country, they discussed and predicted how would the fighting be going on. Bob and Billy had fought each other with full strength and people applauded and crowded around them. Finally, the fighting was won by Bob. After the fighting, Bob and Billy did not meet for two months. In their first meeting, Billy stepped up to Bob and offered his hand and both realized their mistake in solving their wives problem and they continued to be friend

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