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Written by Siti Lailatul Hajar (Bintang Sahara) on Rabu, 02 Januari 2013 at 18.39

By: Siti Lailatul Hajar
Most of animals intrude on human being. Horse, cat, monkey, etc defecate in no particular place. Even, passionate pets like cats get rid their excrement everywhere. Certainly, it brings on stench. Moreover, animals, such as tiger can kill human beings. When the tigers meet human being, they will catch human being to be their meal. Although, there are many animals bother human life, dolphin has many roles to help the human’s life. Of all mammals in the sea, dolphin is absolutely the most inspiring animal and heroic one.
There are technologies inspired by dolphin. One example is the skin of dolphin can minimize friction from water, so the dolphin can swim with a little water resistance. It is used by swimmers to design swimsuits that resemble the skin of dolphin. Dolphin also has a system which is used to communicate or receive excitatory called sonar system; the system can avoid objects in front of the dolphin. So, he can avoid the collision. Then, the technology is applied in the manufacture of submarine. Indeed, Dolphin can inspire many technologies.
In addition, dolphin is one of heroic animals in the sea. It is fond of saving human being. When people miss a way in the far away from land, dolphin helps him going to the coast. Sometimes, people falling out of a boat or ship in the deep sea, dolphin will push him up out of the water to safe. Then, dolphin brings him going to the edge of the sea. Besides, dolphin likes to accompany ship sailing in the sea in the left side of the ship. He tries to keep an eye out for danger. Moreover, dolphin knows when disaster will happen by giving signal to human, so that human can anticipate the disaster.

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