Written by Siti Lailatul Hajar (Bintang Sahara) on Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013 at 15.42

This is a poem that I write for my mother. My mother is full of love and very patient. When I did mistakes, she is never angry. She remind me with a smooth voice, no angry there. If my mom can understand English, I am sure she will hug me and cry.
Mom, I really want to make you happy. This poem is one of my to express my feeling. I really love you mom. You always in my heart.

My Mother
By: Bintang Sahara
She always gives me affection
Ignores tired and sighed
To take care her children
Immolates her life for her relative

Labours of love every time
At night and noon
In the morning and afternoon
Lumbers up all requisties
Alters ego for me and all
Takes under one’s wing to our existance
Unrivalled in this world
Love- worthy by full meaning of  love

Hundreds of mother on the earth
Again and again dashes against
Juggle with something be better
And my mother is the best mother
Respectful love for you mom, from me.

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