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By: Siti Lailatul Hajar
Ladies and Gentleman. Happy Audience…
Before talking my topic today, I am going to tell you one IMPORTANT fact must YOU know.
Medical and psychological research has shown that no matter how much you exercise or eat correctly, you are putting yourself at risk if you do not manage your anger. Anger causes a widespread negative effect on the body. Therefore, your nutritious food and your exercise are nothing if you can not handle your anger. Anger determines your continuance life.
THERE IS A STORY. Nearly 25 years ago, a man of about 50 years old collapsed and died miserably.  What was the cause of his death? He was engaged in a heated argument with another person who had provoked him. The argument became so aggressive that he ignored all attempts by others to CALM him down. As the verbal aggression gathered momentum, his lips began trembling and his words dragging as those of a DIFFICULT to SPEAK. Then, suddenly he collapsed, became unconscious and later died while being rushed to the hospital. What a TRAGIC result of anger!
There are SO MANY various provoking situations in YOUR life—maybe at YOUR home, at school, at the workplace, in the market, in the street, at the hospital, and ANY other areas, can happen any time. It may cause your anger and finally cause died.
So, today, I want to talk to you about ANGER. First of all, I am going to look at some of the reasons why people easy to be angry and of course the effect.  And after that, I am going to give you all how to control your anger. Finally, you can determine to be angry or NOT.
Almost a third of people polled (32%) say they have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger. It is not easy controlling anger.
Why does ANGER Happen? It’s because of Serious Problem, Not patient facing something, The reality as NOT as what expected, Annoyed of something or someone à e.g. promise not come OR Heated argument, and so on.
If you face one of ALL that situations, it may cause you to be angry. Then, the BAD effect also brings through your ANGER…
SO, What are the Effects of ANGER?
1.      Wrinkled appear in YOUR face
Emotions directly affect the FACIAL MUSCLES and cause them to respond by changing the depth, size, shape and position of deep wrinkles. When you are angry, you fold your face and make YOUR elasticity of your skin will be lose. Then, it may create unwanted marks later on, like wrinkles and furrows. This can be easily detected at the forehead, around your eyes, lips and cheeks. IMAGINE!!! If you are angry once every day, means you accumulate wrinkled. Then, just WAIT!!! You will be look older.
2.      Heart attack à your heart begins to beat very irregularly or stops completely à died.
Sudden heart attack cause of DEATH, accounting for over 400,000 deaths every year in the U.S.
When you get angry your heart rate increase the possible chest pain, dizziness and light-headedness can be felt. That’s why it has been said that being angry is not good for the heart for you might be facing also a high blood pressure. It is uncontrollable, then can resulted into heart problems. Anger can actually reduce the heart's ability to properly pump blood. REMEMBER!!! Heart is pump of life. Heart is like WATER for fish. Without heart, human will be died. Right?
3.      Do you think that YOU will look MACHO if you’re angry? I don’t think so.
When you are angry, you feel uncomfortable, you loss concentration, your physical energy is LOSS. Your diet is also affected, you loss your appetite. This can lead to depression, anxiety, some fall into drug addiction and alcoholism.
SO, what’s for being angry?
What should do/ how to control your anger?
1.      Wudlu (Take Ablution)
your face will have a” hot feeling” sensation, it is due to the presence of sudden flush of blood. Then, water may fresh and reduce your anger.
2.      Meditation
Take a DEEP BREATH and count to 10. Meditation can allow you to breathe, relax, reflect on the situation and take a critical look at why you're angry.
3.      Try To Avoid Instant Reactions
When you tend to be angry, you react instantly, without thinking about the consequences. A feasible way to control your anger is to avoid quick reactions to situations that make you feel irritated. Train yourself to be patience, rather than reacting strongly to something. Train to be forgivable. You do not necessarily have to forgive the person with whom you are angry in a face-to-face meeting; you can forgive in any way that works for you.
Benefit avoiding being angry?
Besides, avoiding anger may solve your problem faster and your friends are not afraid beside you. The most important thing is YOU SAVE YOUR LIFESPAN
With chronic anger people can also experience heart attacks, strokes, kidney problems, and many other DANGEROUS illnesses.

Therefore, KEEP your LIFE by KEEPING your heart. And KEEP your heart by AVOIDING anger.

Now, you can take your decision.
Thank You Very Much…


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